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The American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA) is a national not-for-profit organization founded to conserve caves and karst areas. We operate Hidden River Cave and the American Cave Museum to help the public understand the types of resources that are found in caves and why it is important to protect them.

ACCA careers and volunteer projects offer the opportunity to make a difference and help protect America’s natural caverns for our future generations.

Current Openings

Hidden River Cave Guide

Job Description:

You will be part of the front lines and the face of our organization, we are encouraging charismatic and customer oriented people to apply for this position. This part time hourly position requires flexible hours including weekends and holidays.

Hidden River Cave Vision and Mission:
Hidden River Cave is operated by the nonprofit American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA). The ACCA is committed to providing personally useful education for those who live in, use, and enjoy karst landscapes. To most people, caves are dark and mysterious. Misconceptions about them abound. Many of the adverse impacts of land use on karst and cave resources are unintentional and result from a lack of basic knowledge about how karst lands and caves function and interact. We utilize our museums, educational programs, projects and assistance to provide education about karst landscapes.

ACCA programs are comprised of three interrelated, fundamentals components – museums, educational programs, projects and assistance. Under these broad program areas, the ACCA promotes cave and karst conservation through education, technical assistance, and direct resource protection projects. Education is the key to our programs. Knowledge yields insight which yields personal decisions that are beneficial to cave and karst resources. Our audience ranges from the general public (and especially school children) to those who directly use cave and karst resources or make decisions that affect these resources.

Providing tours of Hidden River Cave constitutes an educational endeavor of the ACCA mission. In this way, Cave Guides work to fulfill the mission of this conservation non-profit organization.


  1. Interest in local geology, ecology, and history.
  2. Ability and interest in public speaking.
  3. Ability to compose information into interesting story format for all ages (additional training provided.)
  4. Ability to learn and operate cash register/Point of Sale.
  5. Wearing an approved uniform.
  6. Must be dependable and able to work in a professional manner.
  7. High energy level.
  8. Productive with attention to detail.
  9. Great customer service skills with customer focus.
  10. Basic safety knowledge.
  11. Active listening skills.
  12. Able to answer phone calls, take accurate messages, and direct to personnel.
  13. Ability to analyze information and taking appropriate action to resolve problems.
  14. Ability to multi-task.


  1. Deliver established programs/tours to the public and school/special groups of 24 or more.
  2. Answer a variety of visitor questions which usually requires knowledge of Hidden River Cave, events, circumstances, and natural characteristics identified with the cave or cave features, such as: cave and karst details, geology, waterways, sinkhole, water basin, etc. (complete training provided)
  3. Provide a wide range of services to visitors, including crowd control, assistance with lost articles; provide information about weather conditions, highway routes, facilities, prices, and local attractions and food.
  4. Weekends are required. Availability on major holiday weekends is required (non-negotiable).
  5. Assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the property via litter control which may require employee to collect trash and/or clean bathrooms and museum and gift shop spaces.
  6. Operation of a cash register –ring sales, receives payments, makes change, bag or wrap merchandise, complete related sales records, and open and/or close register for daily sales.
  7. Assist customers with purchases of merchandise with an emphasis on customer courtesy.
  8. Tag items and ensure items are properly marked and assist in inventories.
  9. Answering phones and directing calls to proper personnel.
  10. Reading the Communication book and following all policies and procedures.
  11. Perform housekeeping duties during and end of the day such as cleaning, dusting fixtures and thoroughly cleaning bathrooms including toilets and urinals.
  12. Bagging trash from bathrooms and disposing in designated areas.
  13. Perform general clerical support tasks.
  14. Perform additional duties assigned daily, weekly, and monthly.

Physical Demands:
Standing for long periods of time, walking for distances up to 5 miles daily, completing up to 1300 stairs a day. Mental stress and physical fatigue occur due to high volume of personal contacts, occasional emergency responses, repetitive nature of interpretative programs, and operation of a busy visitor center/gift shop. Extreme physical exertion may be required while occasionally working with the maintenance projects or while giving an Adventure Tour (Off trail wild caving-if applicable). Applicant will be required to be in the cave for most of the day.

Work Environment:
Some work is performed in outdoor areas resulting in exposure to extreme temperatures, rain, snow, wind, and direct sunlight. Work will also be performed indoors at the gift shop. Work will also be performed in a cave where low light levels, uneven paths, and low ceiling levels can result in difficult walking conditions.

How you will be evaluated:

  • Ability to communicate effectively to diverse groups
  • Ability to deliver accurate information through interpretive talks/demonstrations
  • Skill in operation of a busy visitor center/gift shop
  • Leadership Skills (through initiative, working within a team setting)


  • Temporary seasonal employment with possibility of full time employment
  • Gift Shop merchandise discount of 15%
  • After hours caving trips
  • Occasional off-site trips

How to Apply:

  • Paper applications may be picked up at Hidden River Cave, 119 E Main St., Horse Cave, KY, 42749
  • Up to date and accurate resume can be submitted with an application.

Required Documents:

  • Valid forms of required identification

Download Cave Guide Job DescriptionDownload Cave Guide Job Description

Hidden River Cave & The American Cave Museum are operated by the American Cave Conservation Association,

A National 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Organization.

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