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Ever dream of flying? Is zipping or rappelling on your bucketlist? Our zipline & cave rappel will test your personal limits, that first step is a doozy.

Lower yourself 75 feet, down the mouth of our historic cave entrance in Kentucky's only cave rappel. You've got this!

The Challenges


You are harnessed in & flying 70-feet above ground at 30 miles per hour.
Need we say more?
Zip & Rappel Release Agreement


You are buckled & strapped in, you are in control, as you descend 75 feet down to the mouth of the cave. Don't look down!
Zip & Rappel Release Agreement

Pricing & Info

Prices are per individual person

Single Zipline Trip - $22
Single Rappel Trip - $27

Required Clothing

Close-toed shoes are required for the rappel course. Long hair should be tied back and hang no lower than your neck. During times of cold weather, please remember to dress for warmth. Family Packages are available!

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