American Cave Museum

A state-of-the-art showcase of underground natural history - a little bit of Smithsonian in rural Kentucky.

Your visit to Kentucky Cave Country will not be complete without an in-depth look at the fascinating world of caves. Discover the history and science of America's natural caverns through educational and informative exhibits.


History, Science, & Fun, All in One Location

Karst Geology

Discover the unique issues and formations only found in karst formations, as well as important links to our past.

Groundwater Quality

Learn about the issues affecting our most important resource, and what you can do to protect it.

History of Caving

Go beyond modern headlamps and rope. Get acquainted with Caveland icons such as Floyd Collins and hear the story of our Cave Wars.


If you thought cavemen were the only people who used caves in the past, think again. Find out about the vast human history that can be discovered in caves.

Cave Wildlife

Explore the diversity of life inside caves, and find out about the unique animals that only inhabit the subterranean world.

Cave Formation

Did you know that caves and the cavities your dentist fights against have a lot in common?

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